AVC-R install

DISCLAIMER I am NOT responsible for anyone messing up their car, equipment or anything else for that matter. Im doing this to help others get an idea of what they are in store for when installing the AVC-R.

Tools used: Drill w/bits, small sheet metal screws with washers (or self tappers if you dont wanna drill) lots o zipties, philips screw driver, soldering iron, solder.. durrr, electrical tape
First things first, go to the manual and go to the page that shows vaccum tube paths for the engine. Youll need this to figure out which hoses go to the stock wastegate solenoid and fuel pressure solenoid.

In the avc-r manual, youll want to look at page 51 (EC5A EC5W specific Hosing Diagram.

In the Wiring manual, go to page 15-16 and look for the wiring diagram for a GTO ECU.
Also look at page 3 for wiring instructions.

Alright first thing that I did was disconnect the battery... etc.
After disconnecting and removing the battery, I chose to run the wires through the grommet located near the battery. Youll see the big ass chunk of cables/wires already going in there. However you want to do it, either by jabbing a sharp object in there or carefully cutting asmall bit of the grommet to get the wires to fit in there is up to you. Some may argue that you can push it through without breaking the grommet, do whatever you want. Basically get the wire through there, make sure the end you are putting through is the end that attaches to the ECU and the controller. For this I acutally cut the controller harness off and reattached it when I poked it through. You could also snake a hanger or lead wire through there first to make it easier, do whatever you please. You also dont have to go through this grommet, you can go somewhere around where the gas pedal is. Your choice.

Ok, now mount up your pressure sensor and solenoid. I mounted the pressure sensor on the firewall. The solenoid I mounted by the kn filter at a funky angle which I thought would minmize hose crimping issues. I used a drill and bit to predrill holes for the screws. You can use self tappers if you want, but I like using my powertools whenever I can. BTW mount the pressure sensor with the hose connector down, like the manual says.

OK, now thats done, you can start cutting up vaccum hoses n the like. For the fuel pressure sensor, do as the manual says, ie put the air filter in the middle of the hose that will intercept the fuel pressure solenoid. For the fuel pressure solenoid, there is a small amount of hose hooking it up, using your manual, locate this hose and splice it. Use the small T connector that was provided and join the hoses back up. Then attach the fuel pressure sensor to the T part. I used the small gauge hose on this one. Use clamps n zipties.. etc.

For the boost solenoid, Youre gonna use those two small hose to large hose adapters that came with the kit. Locate the stock wastegate solenoid, its like the right most solenoid on that plate tied down to the firewall. The Top hose will be going to ON on the new solenoid and the bottom hose will go to the COM side of the solenoid. Double check your manual on this. Using the small to large adapters, I was able to attach the larger hose to the smaller hose without having to do some ugly splicing. I routed the hose along the firewall and around the battery to the solenoid, use your own judgement on this. Again use clamps and zip ties and make everything nice and snug.

Now attach the wire harnesses to the sensor and solenoid. Secure the wires/hoses down however you want, I used zipties.

Now for the wire portion, the wires, coming from the grommet will be sorta hard to get at, unless you pushed a ton of cable through.. then it should be dangling on the passenger side close to the firewall. Pull this wire down and start splicing it up. one part will go towards your ECU, the other will go wherever you decide to mount the controller. The ECU is easy to get to but a pain to work on. Remove the drivers side panel for the center console. You should see the ECU next to the factory amp (if you have a 91 stealth). Its basically right there behind the stereo standing upright. Remove the harnesses and do your wire splicing following the manual diagrams. Once thats done, patch it all up and find a place to mount your controller.

Pics o da install: (800x600 50-70k size for each pic)
PICThis pic shows the old wastegate solenoid, location of mounted pressure sensor, the old hose connected to the new hose and the air filter for the fuel pressure sensor
PICPicture of my mounted fuel pressure sensor
PICBad picture of where the grommet is, its easy to see in person.. just a ton of wires n crap on top of it
PICPicture of one of the panels that has to be removed if you use the grommet I did.
PICPicture of the wires/hoses routed around and behind the battery
PICPicture of the new solenoid mounted next to the kn filter
PICPicture of my controller mounted on the inside
PICPicture of the controller wires being attached to the ecu harnesses

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